Floor Covering and Ceiling Installations Contractor Insurance – Learn about Coverages, Cost, & Quotes

Floor Covering and Ceiling Installations Contractor Insurance also known as general liability insurance for floor covering and ceiling installations contractor provides financial protection to installation businesses in the event they cause damages, losses, or bodily injury to their clients.

Floor Covering and Ceiling Installations Contractor Insurance
We recommend having at least $2,000,000 worth of coverage. Rates starting from $510 for the Year!

What Is Floor Covering & Ceiling Installations Contractor Insurance And Why Do You Need It?

There really is an unbelievable amount of new construction going on right now in Canada. Not only are houses being constructed throughout the country, but businesses are being built from the ground up as well. This provides many unique opportunities for floor covering & ceiling installers. This is probably why more and more contractors are getting into the field. However, before you just run out and start your very own business you need to make sure that you protect yourself with the right insurance policies. One such policy is general liability insurance for floor covering & ceiling installations. This policy really can offer the protection where you need it the most.

Understanding Floor Covering & Ceiling Installations Insurance And How It Protects You

Floor and ceiling installers are exposed to a variety of risks every day when working in the field. As a floor and ceiling installer, you will be working inside of homes and businesses where other individuals will be working and/or living as well. At any given time, you or one or your employees could accidentally damage the customer’s property or cause them bodily harm. What if you are installing a new ceiling and you just have it tacked up for the time being and it falls on the customer? Do you know what kind of injuries this could do to an old lady or man? Can you afford to cover these medical costs out of pocket?

What if you are installing a hardwood floor and accidentally knock a hole in the wall or knock an expensive piece of art off the wall? When you invest in floor covering & ceiling general liability insurance these are things that you won’t have to worry about. This specific policy will cover the medical expenses of third parties and it will also pay for their property damage. It will even go as far to replace the painting in the scenario above.

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What Are The Costs For General Liability Insurance For Floor Covering & Ceiling Installation Contractors?

An average floor and ceiling contractor can probably expect to pay anywhere from $510 to $1,500 a year for this type of coverage. Just keep in mind that this is just a basic estimate. There are actually a number of factors that insurance providers take into account when determining your overall cost. Such factors might include the number of employees that you currently have, the number of jobs that you take on each year, how much money your company brings in each year, the number of claims that you have filed in the past and the number of years that you have been in business.

How Much Coverage Is Needed For Floor Covering & Ceiling Installations Insurance?

Coverage needs can vary from company to company as well, but it is recommended for the average contractor to get at least a $2,000,000 policy. This will be enough coverage to for a new business. If you are already an established company with many commercial contracts, we would recommend exploring limits upwards of $5,000,000.

Where To Get Floor Covering & Ceiling Installations Insurance?

You can acquire a floor covering & ceiling installations insurance quotes from our Canadian insurance company. We have a number of agents standing by ready to assist you. We want to help you build an insurance package that will protect your large or small company against all possible threats.

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