Private Investigator Bond

Private Investigator Bond – How To Become A Private Investigator & Acquire the bond.

Have you ever thought about making a career change? Canada’s job market is booming and very diverse. There are plenty of opportunities, but a lot of Canadians are interested in something exciting that will keep them on their toes. If you concur with this statement, you want to consider trying to become a private investigator. Since these individuals are able to access secret databases and such, they must meet a number of qualifications, before they’ll be able to acquire their license. Below, you’ll learn about the bonding and licensing requirements.

When Is A Private Investigator Bond Required?

Anyone that is employed for a private investigator agency must be licensed and bonded. This only applies to individuals that plan on working as a private investigator, security guard, burglar alarm system installer, security services for a special event (festival), and security consultant. If you plan on providing security services for a special event, you must apply for a licensure 30 days, before the event opening.

The agency must also have a valid Guard Dog Permit, but a valid license is required first and there is no cost for the permit.private Investigator bond

Licensing An Agency

In order to operate a private investigation agency within Canada, you will need to license your agency by the guidelines set forth by the Private Investigators and Security Services Act. The specific requirements for licensing will ultimately differ from one province to the next. Below, you’ll learn about the requirements within the Province of New Brunswick.

  • Your establishment must be situated within the Province of New Brunswick
  • Submit and sign the agency application form
  • Pay any and all licensing fees
  • Your agency’s manager must have at least 5 years of experience
  • Acquire at least $500,000 of personal injury liability insurance and submit proof with your application
  • Acquire a private investigator bond, which totals $5,000

The specific license fee will depend on your status. Those registering as an agent will be required to pay $50. If you’re registering an agency, you will need to pay $400. Remember that these specific details are only valid for those within New Brunswick and could vary for those operating a business elsewhere.

For Agents

Of course, you may be interested in becoming an agent. Additional information will be needed for agents, who wish to acquire their license. Below, you’ll find a list of other required documents.

  • Get employed with a licensed agency
  • Fill out and sign the agent application
  • Submit two pictures of yourself. They must be color and should be 2.54 by 2.54cm in size
  • Provide a copy of a government-issued photograph ID
  • Provide a full set of your fingerprints
  • Pay the required licensing fee

Once you’ve submitted the above information, the government will investigate your application and approve or deny your request.

Private Investigator Bond Cost

When attempting to become a private investigator, you will need to acquire security. The amount will differ from province to province. As mentioned above, agencies within New Brunswick will need to obtain a $5,000 bond. Of course, this is not the precise amount that you will be required to pay. By working with a surety company, you will only be required to pay a small percentage of the required amount. The surety will cover the remaining amount. Just remember that the surety will be in control of determining the precise percentage that you’ll be required to pay.

Generally, they’ll make this determination based on a number of different aspects of you and your business. This will normally include your credit score. Remember that maintaining an immaculate credit score can help you maintain a low premium.Contractor Bond Insurance quote

Once you’re ready to acquire your bond, you will want to fill out the application! This will help to ensure that you’ll be able to acquire a free quote as quickly as possible.


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