Bonds for Contractors

Please find below bonds we commonly provide for contractors across Canada


bonds for contractors



After you have decided to become a bonded company, you can apply for a construction bond facility by speaking to a Canadian licensed insurance broker by contacting us or calling 1-888-480-7677.

If you would like to learn more about surety bonds in general and how they can be beneficial for your business, we recommend checking out the FAQ page where you can find articles on topics such as applying for a bonding facility, claims are paid out, and much more.


Frequently asked questions regarding bid bonds


Frequently asked questions regarding performance bonds




Are you taking on a condominium project in Canada? Then you need to acquire developer surety bonds to meet Tarion’s requirements and satisfy your purchasers.


Types of developer surety bonds we offer:



As a miner, you take on a vital role when it comes to reclaiming the land you disturb during a project. The reclamation standards are agreed upon between you and the governing body. But regardless of your ability to meet your contractual obligations, you need to secure the agreement with a reclamation bond.




We also offer Contractor Insurance across Canada

Contractor insurance also known as general liability insurance for contractors is an insurance coverage that provides financial protection in the event a contractor causes loses, damages, or bodily injury to clients or third parties. This insurance kicks in to pay for damages (lawsuit settlement, repair costs, property damage, bodily injury) if the cause of the loss is insured by the policy.


Types of Contractors We Commonly Insure

Frequently asked questions regarding contractor insurance


Other Types of Surety Bonds we provide:

  • Commercial Bonds – Governmental and local province regulations and statutes.
  • License Bonds – Government bodies generally require you to obtain this type of bond.
  • Court Bonds – Used to satisfy legalities.