Types Of Contractors That Need Contractors Insurance And The Reasons Why

What types of contractors need this insurance? Let’s get straight to the professions!

There are thousands of contractors working within the country of Canada. Although these professionals work within different industries and service a unique base of clientele, they share a handful of similarities. Each can be negatively impacted by major problems. Thankfully, it is possible for all of these contractors to protect their businesses and bottom lines, by investing in insurance for contractors. This type of policy is suitable for an assortment of different contractors, including electricians, plumbers, and roofers. Who else can it accommodate and why is it needed?


Electricians put themselves in harm’s way each and every day. Electricity can be incredibly dangerous and can immediately result in death, if you’re not careful. This puts a substantial responsibility on the shoulders of the electrician. A single, yet simple mistake, could results in a major disaster. Your mistake could very well lead to bodily injury, or a fire that completely engulfs the client’s home. The electrician will ultimately be held responsible for these damages, but contractors insurance Canada providers can help. With their contractor insurance coverage, a portion or all of the cost for the damages can be covered.


A home’s roof is truly one of the most integral components of all. The roof is responsible for keeping out the elements, while protecting the homeowner and their family. Suffice to say, a roofer needs to go above and beyond to ensure the installation is carried out properly and efficiently. If a mistake is made, the roof may not be able to fully prevent water from dripping inside and the moisture will severely damage the consumer’s home. Once again, the roofer will be held responsible for these damages and it’ll cost them immensely. General liability insurance for contractors can help cover these costs.

Tree Removal Companies

Trees are beautiful and can provide you with a little bit of shade on a sunny day. Unfortunately, they can also be problematic when the wind begins to blow strongly. A gusty wind could topple the tree and send it crashing into your home. Tree removal companies are capable of removing the tree, before this type of dilemma can arise. Unfortunately, if a tree is cut in the wrong manner, it may very well crash into the consumer’s home anyway. If you work with a tree remover and this happens on your watch, your company will be held responsible. Depending on the size of the tree and the spot of impact, the costs could skyrocket. Contractors liability insurance can help ease these worries, by providing you with protection in the event of such situations.

Window Installation Contractor

Windows provide the homeowner with a beautiful view and additional protection from the outside elements. Windows are great, as long as they’re installed properly. If the installation has been carried out wrongly, they may very well create many problems. An improperly installed window could result in your home’s energy efficiency decreasing and your electric bill increasing. Even worse, it could also cause rain to infiltrate and damage the inside of your home.

If this occurs, the homeowner will most likely hold the originally installer responsible and a civil suit may be filed against the contractor. Insurance can help. It’ll pay for the damages, while helping to keep your business afloat, during this troubling time.

Plumber Contractors

A professional plumber can get called out to a jobsite in a moment’s notice. It is not unusual for a plumber to come across a home or business that has been left in disarray due to a massive water leak. When this happens, the plumber will be left with no other choice, but to find a solution to the problem and find it quickly. What happens when a client accuses you of not doing your job properly? Of course, you will do whatever is necessary to remedy the issue, so the client does not file a claim or lawsuit against your company.

Some customers are impossible to please and no matter what you do, all goes array. The only true way to protect your company, in the event of a client claim is to have a plan in place that includes contractor’s liability insurance.

Swimming Pool Contractors  

Installing a new swimming pool can be a tedious job that will require the assistance of subcontractors. As a general contractor, you will be fully responsible for fulfilling the contract per the terms professions of contractors we insureof the agreement. Once the job is completed, you will still need to follow up to make sure that nothing goes array later on down the road. By protecting your company with contractor insurance coverage, you will be able to sleep at night knowing that you will be protect from financial loss, in the event that a problem arises.

Painter Contractors

Painters have a messy career that requires a lot of tedious detail. Exterior and interior paint can leave a mess, especially if it spills onto a client’s expensive computer, sound system, or furniture. Guess who is going to be responsible for covering the cleaning, repairs, and replacement costs? You are and that is why you need an extensive contractor insurance policy in Canada quotes in place for those just-in-case accidents.

HVAC Contractors

There is a big market for heating and cooling contractors in Canada. This fact is leading many people to get involved in the heating and cooling field. With that being said, you need to understand the ins and outs of the business, before you just jump right into it. One of the major factors that you have to consider is contractors’ insurance. In fact, this type of insurance is a necessity, because it can protect your business in so many ways. This is why it is imperative that you understand everything you possible can about this insurance.

During the summer months, cooling units produce a condensation much like a soda can sweating. This condensation is routed through PVC pipes and usually drains outside. However, there are times when the drain stops up or leaks, causing the condensation to overflow. This will eventually lead to water damage. Imagine if the heating and cooling unit is located in the attic. This means that all that overflowing condensation is going to come down on the ceiling. This is going to massive amounts of damage to the ceiling and walls. The customer will have to replace drywall, get a new paint job, and maybe even have to deal with mold in the process.

Contractor Bond Insurance quoteWhile it is rare, there potential risks involved and at any time, the client could accuse you of causing the problem. A lawsuit is initiated and the headache begins. With contractor insurance coverage, you will be fully protected, in the event of genuine and fraudulent claims made against your company.

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